BUMN Learning and Management Institute, Building World-Class Leaders Based on MORALS

The BUMN Ministry on Monday (7/6) announced the formation of the BUMN Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI), a center for research, innovation, collaboration, and management and leadership development in all BUMN clusters. This strategic initiative aims to build leadership capabilities in SOEs that are world class, based on AKHLAK and able to compete at the global level.

BUMN Minister Erick Thohir stated that the transformation efforts launched by the Ministry of BUMN for BUMN companies to become accountable, professional and world-class companies would not have been possible without the transformation of their human capital.

"That's why we built a program that is not ad hoc, but structured, comprehensive and sustainable, namely the BUMN Leadership and Management Institute." he explained.

The Ministry of BUMN has appointed Mandiri Corporate University as coordinator, to synergize with Corporate Universities from Telkom, Pertamina and WIKA in building a roadmap and leadership development program starting from new entry level, first level managers up to the levels of Directors and Commissioners/Supervisors.

The initial focus on leadership development will start from the Commissioners/Supervisors and Directors by cooperating with leading local and global business schools as strategic partners such as the Indonesian Institute of Corporate Directors (IICD) for the Onboarding Commissioner Program and Commissioner Learning School; IPMI International Business School for Onboarding Directorship Program; INSEAD and the Indonesian Banking Development Institute (LPPI) for the Chief Financial Officer School; Michigan Ross School of Business and Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI) for the Chief Human Capital Officer School program, as well as business school no. 1 in the world IMD Business School for the CEO Learning Forum program.

BLMI has started its first activities in January 2021 with the implementation of the 1st Batch of Onboarding Directorship Program and on Wednesday (9/6), BLMI will start simultaneously the 2nd Batch of Onboarding Directorship Program and the First Batch of Onboarding Commissioner Program.

“I hope this becomes a shared seriousness that continues to be maintained. Future demands to compete are very high in the midst of change and an increasingly open market. Therefore we must be the best. Remember, each Director and Commissioner is not only ready to be appointed, but must be ready to learn and transform to have world-class leadership capabilities, also be ready to be removed if they do not meet KPIs, and are not in line with the core values ​​of AKHLAK and GCG," he added.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI) Alexandra Askandar also conveyed her commitment to collaborate,

"The collaboration of the Indonesian Human Capital Forum with the Ministry of BUMN and the BUMN Leadership and Management Institute will become a driving force for the development of leadership and human capital for all BUMNs, as well as becoming leaders who are always learning, growing and contributing to Indonesia." he said.